Since our purchase of Chateau Les Conseillans in 2011 we have been developing the idea of the wine we would like to make and would fit best with the terroir of Les Conseillans. Together with Stephane Apelbaum and Bruno Jamy-Fonbeney, we have reached some preliminary conclusions.


• The wine should use all four grapes originally planted on the property and should be cultivated in the traditional Grand Cru style of hand-picking and harvesting.

• The vineyard should meet the highest environmental and safety standards and eliminate the use of chemicals and pesticides wherever possible.

• We want to approach the investments we have made in improving the vineyards and dramatically upgrading the wine production and storage as both a technical renovation and an historical restoration.

• We do not want to produce big, powerful wines which are distinguished by their high alcohol content. Instead we are trying to produce a softer wine which protects the elegance of the merlot grapes and lets the character of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Malbec grapes to show through.

• We want Chateau Les Conseillans to be a part of the Commune of St. Caprais de Bordeaux, the Entre Deux Mers region, and Bordeaux. For this reason, our entire team comes from the immediate neighborhood.

• We also want to continue in the tradition of Jean Ribereau-Gayon whose spirit of experimentation and discovery did so much for the understanding of wine and the influence of Bordeaux wines globally.

• And, finally, we want to produce a wine which is both affordable for the careful graduate student or the young couple and a wine which they will look forward to drinking years later. In our view, an excellent wine is superb throughout the first bottle and allows the wine lover to afford a second bottle to confirm its excellence.

Bruce Jackson and Irina Krasovskaya