Stephane Apelbaum of Optimum Vineyards manages the overall operation at Chateau Les Conseillans. Over his thirty years of professional experience he has managed and advised Chateau Quercy, and owned Clos l’Abba, both Grand Cru St-Emilion estates. In 2013, he founded Optimum Vineyard to share his experience with people passionate about wine.

Bruno Jammy-Fonbeney of Optimum Vineyard also has extensive experience in vineyard management. He worked in various appellations from the Medoc to Bergerac. Today he has the overall responsibility for the vineyards and is also involved in the vinification process.

Alain Subrenat handles the day-to-day operations of Chateau Les Conseillans. He came to Chateau Les Conseillans in 2009 to work with the former owners Sylvie and Serge Ruiz. He stayed on to work with the SCEA Les Conseillans in 2014.

Anna Goulenok helps on all the vineyard manual work. She formed and directed the harvest team in 2015 taking care to promote the hiring of the same people from the neighbourhood who brought in the harvest in 2014.

La Gerbaude

Sensitive to French customs and to preserve traditions, Chateau Les Conseillans hosts a dinner for the entire harvesting team once the grapes are picked and in the vats. This is an opportunity to celebrate the harvest which completes the work of an entire year. It’s also a way to thank all those who participated in the development of a new vintage. This type of dinner is called “La Gerbaude” in French and is the highlight of the year at Chateau Les Conseillans.