To respect the individual character of the fourteen parcels in the vineyard, each parcel has a dedicated concrete vat. The separation by parcels allows for a specialized process tailored to the grape variety, maturity of the grapes, and specific “terroir.”
The grapes undergo a preliminary cold maceration for a few days before alcoholic fermentation begins. Extraction is done by alternate punch-down and pump-over. All the vats are temperature-controlled for smooth fermentation.

Once the alcoholic fermentation is completed, the maceration phase begins to extract the tannins from the pips. Daily tasting helps us to decide the appropriate time for the devatting phase. Pressing is done with a small vertical press that best preserves the quality of the young wine. The second fermentation, known as malolactic fermentation which is the last step before aging, is done either in the vats or in 400 litre French oak barrels.

The Réserve du Pré-Carré matures in vats for twelve months while the Château les Conseillans is aged for at least fourteen months in French oak barrels. The percentage of new oak varies from 30% to 60% depending on the characteristics of the vintage and the tannic structure of the wines.